Going through life surrounded by objects

We lead our lives surrounded by a wide variety of different objects and implements. For example, from the time you wake up to the time you leave the house, you handle myriad objects from bedding, clothing, dishes, to toothbrushes and other items in an unending list.

Being surrounded by so many items means that having to use these objects can be a far cry from a comfortable life. Leading a good life requires having items that match your needs perfectly. 

However, many of the items around us are designed with healthy people in mind. For the elderly or those with illnesses, having to use such objects can be a far cry from a comfortable life.

FAB supports the crafting process

What should be done to obtain the items ideal for one’s life?

Traditionally, you would go to a store or seek out made-to-order items. However, the object may not exist in the size you seek, or it may be cost prohibitive.



Alternatively, you could seek to build the things you need by yourself rather than buy them. Three-dimensional printers and other digital fabrication machines are tools that enable this alternative, and they are quickly gaining popularity.

FAB allows the creation of whatever shape or form desired at affordable prices, making it a powerful tool for realizing original object ideas.

Crafting based on a nurse's view point

Craftsmanship through digital fabrication allows for resolving the issues faced by those who are not fully healthy.

Example: Creating a tool that helps apply pressure to a ballpoint pen to assist in writing

Making do with materials on hand means that the end form is dictated by the constraints provided by the materials.   A solution is to design the ideal form and create it with a 3D printer.

Nursing Point of View

What is needed when creating these items is a nurse’s-eye view.

Nurses are professionals who imbed themselves deeply in the patients’ daily lives to assess what it is that the person really needs. Aimlessly creating objects will serve no purpose. Only when crafting is integrated with a nurse's viewpoint will it be possible to create objects that improve the standard of living.

Goals of FabNurse

- A nurse’s view: Focus on the patient’s lifestyle
- Making “idea to product” practical through FAB

Our mission is to combine these two vectors to enable those with illnesses and those that support them to lead better and richer lives.

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