What does “FAB” mean?

With the penetration of digital craftsmanship through 3D printers and other technologies, we have entered an age when individuals can easily give shape to their ideas.

Inspired by digital technology’s ability to give shape to our creativity, the idea of fabrication, and the fun joy of “fabulous” times, we have named this the FAB project.

Benefits of fab technology

Fab technology presents three major benefits.

1. Craftsmanship tailored to the individual

The cast pictured here was made with a 3D printer. Custom casts and support devices can be tailored to fit the circumstances and environment of the individual user.

2. Create never-before-seen items

These include never-before-seen products that are the first of their kind, such as hooks used to grip a breathing tube by one’s bedside, or the “cheating pencil,”, which lets you write multiple lines of text at once.

3. Duplicate your item

If you lose or break a component for a premade product, you can easily reproduce it. Further, not only can you reproduce it, but you can also add customizations before replacing it.

FAB materials and equipment

The main implement used in FAB is a 3D printer.

Previously, 3D printers would cost several tens of millions of yen, but the patent has now expired, so they have become ubiquitous and economically priced. They can be obtained for the price one would expect to pay for a personal computer. The range of materials available has also expanded considerably.

3D printer A cat made from materials
that include wood
Flexible material

Other tools include laser cutters used to cut and sculpt wood and acrylic plates, CNC milling machines used to grind and polish wood and metal, and digital embroidery machines that can read input data to stitch embroidery automatically.

Laser Cutter CNC Milling Machine Digital Embroidery Machine

Items you can make with FAB

FAB makes it possible for you to create items that can be used in all aspects of your daily life. Instead of cobbling together materials at hand, you can customize an item to match exactly the individual user's needs.