Nursing aims

What do you think of when you hear the term “nursing”?

Nurses not only focus on the illness but also focus on a wide range of patient needs that include patients’ physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing, as well as their environment.

Nurses consider the age, sex, illness, treatment history, and desired lifestyle of the patient when acting to provide better care or treatment, all to maximize a patient's ability to become healthier.

Points of View Unique to Nursing

Specialization of nursing

Nurses follow doctors’ diagnoses to care for patients. In addition, they carefully observe changes in the patient, consider ways of implementing better care, evaluate such performance, and repeat this cycle continuously.

Information collection, the foundation for all nursing care, revolves around a professional body of knowledge in medicine, pharmacology, and psychology. It is this specialization that, in a sense, defines nursing.

Nursing is definitely not all about taking care of pajama-clad patients.

Patients are assessed in a comprehensive manner, with the goal being for that person to live in a way true to themselves. This process requires considering the individual’s personal values, lifestyle, and family relationships.

This comprehensive approach moves away from treating people as merely bedridden patients to nurturing them as socially participating individuals. What is crucial is taking a wide-angle view and considering what that person’s present and future needs.

What you are engaged in now may translate to nursing

Nursing exists in the space between patients and those supporting the patients. This relationship goes beyond nurse and patient to encompass the “family supporting the patient,” “those going about daily life suffering from after-effects even after discharge from the hospital,” and “FAB makers providing products to support these patients.” These relationships of support take many forms.

Owing to the range of stakeholders involved in this process, patients gain a diversity of choices. FAB is itself a choice that allows for providing a higher standard of care.