FabNurse Project

By 2025 the number of people who will not be able to find an available facility, such as a hospital or hospice, to take care of their final days, will reach an estimated 400,000. As the number of people requiring care not just as hospitals, but at other medical facilities and in the home, grows, the various items that surround our everyday lives and create the spaces we live in will play an increasingly greater role.

We are attempting to employ the power of digital fabrication (FAB) to offer customized and detailed solutions for the healthcare context.

Base of Operation

The FabNurse project is headquartered at the Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University, Japan.

With the support of the research laboratories of Drs. Hiroya Tanaka of the Faculty of Environmental Information and Shoko Miyagawa of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, our team is promoting synergy between FAB and nursing as well as working both in a university context and at actual care sites.

Project Members(2016 Autumn Semester)

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